Your Donations at Work: South Sudan

Fistula Foundation: South Sudan

Amid ongoing challenges of instability, violence and very limited health infrastructure, partner organization Women and Health Alliance International (WAHA) provided surgery to 249 women in South Sudan over the last two years. Nearly half of these surgeries were complex cases, and expert surgeons worked with local fistula care teams to ensure that patients received high-quality care. In addition to surgeries, your support funded community outreach, including a successful radio campaign, on-the-job training for local surgeons and health workers, transportation costs, recovery kits for patients who lacked essential items, and psychological support. In a country where violence and insecurity often hinder women’s ability to travel, WAHA adapted by working with several hospitals, in order to provide surgeries closer to the communities where patients live. By doing so, they were able to reach women who otherwise would not have been able to access treatment.