The TED Gift Guide


This holiday season, we are honored to be featured on The Ted Blog as part of their 2014 Gift Guide. Fistula Foundation is listed along with four other organizations from Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save under the ‘Gifts for Altruists’ section, in which Singer encourages us to try something this year. “Think about spreading your generosity to include some of the world’s poorest people, for whom your gift could make a life-changing difference.”

Buying gifts? It is HARD. Especially when so many gift guides offer up ideas for what to get your dad, co-worker or sister without taking into account what actually interests those specific people in your life. A better way to locate the perfect gift? Think about what captures a person’s curiosity, and then seek ideas from people in that field. To get you started, we asked 10 members of the TED community — in a wide variety of fields — to share what they’d love to unwrap this season. Below, their gift-giving recommendations.

To view the entire gift guide, click here and scroll down to ‘Gifts for Altruists’.

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