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The Mercury News – Nobel Peace Prize winner is inspiration to all


The Mercury News featured an op/ed from our very own CEO, Kate Grant.

Kate writes to celebrate our longtime partner, Dr. Denis Mukwege. On December 10, 2018, he will be awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize!

Every day, Mukwege serves as my North Star. His portrait hangs on the wall next to my desk as it has for nearly as long as I’ve known him. In a white doctor’s coat and a lapel pin that says “DO NOT STAND IDLY BY” he reminds me of the sacrifices he’s made to give the voiceless a voice and to return their health and their hope.

Read the full piece below:

Opinion: Nobel Peace Prize winner is inspiration to all

Here in Silicon Valley, we are surrounded by brilliant minds and a collective drive to change the world. But few of us have put our own lives on the line for what we know is right.

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