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Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: Gordon Marsh

Based in Houston, Texas, former horn player Gordon Marsh has been a loyal Fistula Foundation supporter for more than 12 years, ever since watching the documentary, A Walk to Beautiful which follows women living with fistula. Seeing how they were ostracized from their own families and communities, he was moved by how horrific their suffering…

Louis CK stars on Saturday Night Live!

On April 8, 2017, Emmy Award® winner, comedian, and actor Louis CK was a guest host for NBC’s Saturday Night Live. During the closing credits of the episode, he wore a t-shirt bearing the Fistula Foundation website!     It’s not the first time Louis CK has supported Fistula Foundation. It all started back in…

2017 Allan Rosenfield Award: Jerry Goldstein

Meet Jerry Goldstein, Fistula Foundation’s most dedicated volunteer. In February, Fistula Foundation proudly presented the Allan Rosenfield Award to Jerry Goldstein in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Fistula Foundation’s mission. Over the last 12 years, Jerry has donated hundreds of hours of his time, choosing to spend most of his Monday mornings in our…

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Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: Evert Meulie

Over the years, Evert Meulie had supported various charities, making the occasional donation, but not as regularly as he wanted. In 2011, rather than receiving a discount on an Apple iPad as a holiday bonus, he asked if his employer would instead donate the money to a charity of his choosing. They did, and that…

Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: Rosemarie DelMonte

Meet Rosemarie DelMonte. Colorado Attorney. Mother. Fistula survivor. She learned of Fistula Foundation through an online post by Melinda Gates. “I had no idea there was an organization helping women with [fistula],” she said. “I felt profoundly moved by it and that’s why I sent the donation. I know how it affected my life and…

Fistula Foundation News

Wood Foundation Donates $1M to Fistula Foundation

In September 2016, The Paul and Pamela Wood Foundation donated $1 million – one of the largest gifts in Fistula Foundation history. This generous gift will help fund construction of two new hospitals and establishes Fistula Foundation’s first-ever endowment, providing a lasting source of funds for treating women with fistula, now and for years to…

Business News Daily

4 Startups That Are Changing the Conversation About Women’s Health

Thinx, Icon, and CEO Miki Agrawal are featured in website Business News Daily’s article on start-ups raising awareness for women’s health. Icon is an underwear brand made for women who have incontinence issues, and proceeds made from purchasing Icon underwear is donated to Fistula Foundation to help women suffering from obstetric fistula. Continue reading the…

This Indian has created an underwear for women on their period

Miki Agrawal is a New York-based entrepreneur who invests in projects that tackles taboo subjects while helping fund women’s health non-profits. She’s a co-founder of Icon, an incontinence underwear that helps fund and support Fistula Foundation’s work.    This Indian has created an underwear for women on their period

Supporter Spotlight
The Path and Privilege of Citizenship

Fistula Foundation supporter Kirsten Plate has been a terrific advocate for women suffering from fistula. Read her story on our website here, or check out the news clip about her below. Click here to continue reading the article on the aNewsCafe.com website. The Path and Privilege of Citizenship

Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: An Interview with Patrick Force

After speaking with a friend about the dream of a large-scale hike, Patrick decided to embark on an epic, near 1,900-mile trek for charity along one of the three major U.S. long-distance hiking trails: the Continental Divide. Running a total of 3,100 miles, the trail can be hazardous. But adventure called to Patrick, and before…

Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: Kirsten Plate

Sometimes discovering important causes comes from sources outside of an individual like a pamphlet or a commercial. Other times, the sources come from a personal place. Kirsten Plate’s path to Fistula Foundation was personal. A friend of hers once developed a fistula. Even with the best care imaginable in the United States, the experience was…

Supporter Story - Wardah Inam

Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: Wardah Inam

Many years ago, Wardah Inam learned about the condition of obstetric fistula while watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. At the time, she didn’t know what she could do to help the women suffering from the issue, but the show left such a lasting impression on her about the severity of fistula that…

Supporter Spotlight
20 Under 20: Local Students Make a Difference

Reporter Newspapers highlights 20 young students making a difference for a better community, and lists Sofia Broffman as an example of excellent service and support for maternal health and Fistula Foundation. “Sofia Broffman began raising funds in 2014 for the Fistula Foundation, after learning more about the long-term effects of obstetric fistula, a birth injury that afflicts…

Fistula Foundation Supporter Spotlight - Adele Ohs 2

Supporter Spotlight
Adele Ohs

Several years ago, a friend encouraged Adele Ohs to watch a documentary film about obstetric fistula. She was profoundly moved by the film and immediately found Fistula Foundation online and made a small contribution. That same year, Adele’s husband had the opportunity to visit the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital during a trip to Ethiopia, and…

Fistula Foundation - Natalie Gelman Concert

Supporter Spotlight
Benefit Concert Funds Fistula Treatment

Sue Hoese first heard about fistula on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005. She was moved by the program, and soon found herself watching the documentary “A Walk to Beautiful” and brainstorming ways to get involved. As a jewelry maker in her spare time, Sue decided to gather a group of friends…

Huffington Post: A Stranger World

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post.  By Kate Grant If you could send out an email to thousands of strangers around the world, what would you say? When Allie Pape finally got the chance through The Listserve — an e-mail lottery where one person each day wins the opportunity to address thousands of…

Fistula Foundation Supporter Spotlight

Supporter Spotlight
Charity Concert in Support of Fistula Foundation

On May 2, 2015, a group of middle and high school students from Palo Alto, California organized and hosted a piano concert at their church in support of local charities, and we were honored to be one of their chosen benefactors! These young musicians performed a variety of pieces on the piano, flute and saxophone,…