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CEO Goes Back to School

Thanks to the generosity of two long-term Fistula Foundation supporters, Lars and Veronica Bane, CEO Kate Grant participated in a weeklong program at Harvard Business School (HBS) designed for nonprofit leaders, called Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management. The course was started over twenty years ago, and is led by Harvard faculty members Herman Leonard and…

Reuters: As surgeries triple, Kenya aims to end shame of fistula

Reuters reports on Kenya’s aim to end the shame of obstetric fistula nationwide, tripling treatment surgeries and increasing capacity through opening treatment centers and training surgeons. Read the full article at the link below: As surgeries triple, Kenya aims to end shame of fistula NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Kenya’s hopes of ending incontinence caused…

What I Know for Sure

For The Huffington Post, CEO Kate Grant reflects on 12 years leading Fistula Foundation, sharing lessons she’s learned along the way about what works when it comes to treating fistula – and what doesn’t. What I Know for Sure A wise woman, Judith Campbell, once said, “when your heart speaks, take good notes.” It’s been…

Girls' Globe

Fistula in Her Words

In celebration of International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, our partner Kupona Foundation shares on Girls’ Globe some reflections on an important question: how do we talk about fistula without imposing our own narrative and excluding women from their own stories? “Women with fistula have suffered so much, so deeply. Many have been voiceless for…

Pf Magazine

Pf Magazine: Action on Fistula

The May 2017 issue of Pf Magazine features CEO Kate Grant and Fistula Foundation’s partnership with Astellas Pharma EMEA, and highlights the Action on Fistula program. Read the full article by Amy Schofield on page 32 of this link: Pf Magazine May 2017 The most exciting medicines in the world

Action on Fistula: Transforming the lives of over 2,300 women

On The London Economic, CEO Kate Grant highlights the Action on Fistula program, which delivered life-changing fistula treatment to over 2,300 women in Kenya. Fistula Foundation partnered with Astellas Pharma EMEA in 2014 to create this program to transform the fistula treatment landscape in Kenya. Read more below at The London Economic below: Action on…

Global Moms Challenge

Women Inspire: Rose’s Story

In honor of International Women’s Day, Fistula Foundation CEO Kate Grant writes about how access to surgery and vocational training is empowering women—and impacting entire communities in the process. Read the story of Rose on Global Moms Challenge: #WomenInspire: How access to surgery and vocational training is changing lives – Global Moms Challenge Rose Chelimo…

Huffington Post – Peter Singer: Celebrating a Champion of the World’s Poor

In celebration of philosopher Peter Singer’s 70th birthday, CEO Kate Grant shares the impact and importance of Peter Singer’s work in this Huffington Post article. Continue reading below! Celebrating a Champion of the World’s Poor Today, an extraordinary man turns 70 – philosopher Peter Singer, a pioneer boldly asserting that to live a truly moral…

Huffington Post – Celebrating a Milestone: 20,000 Healthy Vaginas

CEO Kate Grant shares on Huffington Post an important milestone for Fistula Foundation: 20,000 women have received obstetric fistula surgery thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the tireless work of our partners and surgeons! Continue reading the full article on the Huffington Post website below: Celebrating a Milestone: 20,000 Healthy Vaginas

20,000 Reasons to Celebrate

Today, Fistula Foundation celebrates a major milestone: since adopting a global mission in 2009, support from generous donors like you has enabled the delivery of life-changing fistula surgery to 20,000 women! This is a significant number, because the best estimates available show that despite a growing global backlog of one million women who suffer from obstetric fistula, only…

Huffington Post: ‘My Charity Is Fistula Foundation, Alex’

CEO Kate Grant writes on Huffington Post about her trip to Washington D.C. to watch Louis C.K. play on Jeopardy!, and her experiences with meeting the comedian who contributed to Fistula Foundation. “They taped the show last month in Washington, DC. As we headed to the airport to catch the last flight out of San…

Kate Grant MPA ’94: Money does not equal happiness

An interview with CEO Kate Grant from Career Services at Princeton University about what she would do if she won the lottery, and her advice to young adults with dreams of changing the world. Kate Grant MPA ’94: Money does not equal happiness | Career Services Would I make a lot more money if I…

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Motley Fool “Foolanthropy” Campaign Aims for $100,000 Investment in Fistula

The Motley Fool helps the world invest better. Every year, their annual “Foolanthropy” campaign helps investors give better, too, by partnering with reputable, highly efficient organizations that help address some of the biggest human needs in the world. Fistula Foundation was honored to be selected as their 2015 charity. Throughout the month of December, employees…