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Huffington Post: Raising the Bar on Respectful Care During Childbirth

By Kate Grant CEO, Fistula Foundation   Like so many first-time mothers-to-be in the U.S., I attended childbirth classes regularly before the birth of my now 15-year old-son. While those classes are largely a blur, I do remember one exercise: tightly gripping an ice cube for 60 seconds while breathing deeply to help replicate the…

An Investment in Success

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post. By Kate Grant CEO, Fistula Foundation In the summer of 2013, Dr. Ganesh Dangal boarded a plane from his home in Kathmandu, Nepal, to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It was a trip that would set his professional life on a new and exciting path: he…

Paving the Road to Postpartum Recovery

By Kate Grant CEO, Fistula Foundation Days after delivering a stillborn child, Umuhoza had grown terribly ill, She was running a fever, barely able to walk and incontinent. Her mother grew increasingly concerned and knew she had to get Umuhoza to a hospital, even though it was hours from their rural village in northwest Rwanda….

Global Moms Challenge 2014 Gift Guide

We are a proud partner of Global Moms Challenge, an organization that connects moms in the U.S. with their peers around the world in an accessible and actionable way. This year, Global Moms Challenge featured our ‘Gifts That Heal’ in its 2014 gift guide. To view the entire gift guide and learn more about Global…

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For Ethiopian Mothers, A Fate Worse Than Death

Fistula Foundation and our partner WAHA International are mentioned in this Huffington Post piece about a visit to the Gondar University’s fistula care center in Ethiopia: For Ethiopian Mothers, A Fate Worse Than Death By Kelly Yee Across much of Africa, there is a high lifestyle disparity between those who live in urban areas and those who…