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International Day of the Midwife: Edna Adan [4:08]

International Day of the Midwife is a day to observe the myriad health contributions midwives provide in their communities, helping women deliver safely and preventing injuries like obstetric fistula. Edna Adan – Somaliland’s first certified nurse-midwife – has a dream to train and place 1,000 midwives throughout her country, helping to ensure safe delivery for…

Huffington Post: Raising the Bar on Respectful Care During Childbirth

By Kate Grant CEO, Fistula Foundation   Like so many first-time mothers-to-be in the U.S., I attended childbirth classes regularly before the birth of my now 15-year old-son. While those classes are largely a blur, I do remember one exercise: tightly gripping an ice cube for 60 seconds while breathing deeply to help replicate the…

Paving the Road to Postpartum Recovery

By Kate Grant CEO, Fistula Foundation Days after delivering a stillborn child, Umuhoza had grown terribly ill, She was running a fever, barely able to walk and incontinent. Her mother grew increasingly concerned and knew she had to get Umuhoza to a hospital, even though it was hours from their rural village in northwest Rwanda….

Our Hero: Edna Adan

Meet Our Hero: Edna Adan

                          Edna Adan could have done anything when she retired, but she decided to cash in her life savings and build a hospital in Somaliland for women and children in the Horn of Africa. Watch her story and learn what she’s doing to…

The Muslim Mother Teresa

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post. By Kate Grant CEO, Fistula Foundation I hope I live to see the day where a humanitarian hero is referred to as theChristian Edna Adan. Who’s Edna Adan? The short answer: she’s a nurse-midwife, founder of a hospital bearing her name, who’s saving and changing the lives…