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Women Helping Women in Afghanistan: CURE International Hospital [2:02]

Against a backdrop of continuing violence and oppression of women in Afghanistan, a heroic team of all-female surgeons are doing the nearly impossible: delivering life-changing fistula surgeries to women in need. Fistula Foundation has pledged $200,000 to help our hospital partner, CURE International. A generous donor will MATCH the first $20,000 in gifts to support…

Kabul, Afghanistan

Spotlight on Where You’re Helping: Cure International – Kabul, Afghanistan

Under Taliban rule in the 1990s, women in Afghanistan were barred from attending school. Because law and tradition also prevented them from receiving treatment from male doctors, most women gave birth at home, often without a skilled attendant. According to World Bank data, by 2002, a woman’s lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy or childbirth-related…