Supporter Spotlight: Wardah Inam

Supporter Story - Wardah Inam

Many years ago, Wardah Inam learned about the condition of obstetric fistula while watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. At the time, she didn’t know what she could do to help the women suffering from the issue, but the show left such a lasting impression on her about the severity of fistula that it inspired her to find a charity that was taking action in a meaningful way in the fight against fistula.

She soon came upon Fistula Foundation and quickly decided that donating would be a great way to help women grappling with fistula and the resulting stigma it brings. Wardah got creative and used her birthday as a catalyst for giving. In the birthday invite she sent out, she requested that her friends not bring gifts. Instead, she encouraged them to make donations to Fistula Foundation.

The result was surprising to Wardah. She hadn’t anticipated the interest her birthday request would generate among her friends to learn more about the condition of fistula, which opened the door to many conversations about the issue.

Wardah believed that using her birthday was a great opportunity to reach out to friends about fistula in a way that created awareness about the cause. She explained, “…Rather than getting something you might not even use [for your birthday], or even something you might like, it’s much better to impact someone’s life in a big way with only a small contribution.” Wardah and her friends did just that.

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