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Supporter Spotlight: Carolyn Cooper


Several years ago, Carolyn Cooper was introduced to Fistula Foundation’s work through a video. She found herself drawn to the cause on an emotional level. “The bond you have with other women through childbirth is very powerful,” she shared.

Having also read Nicholas Kristof’s columns in the New York Times featuring women struggling to overcome the stigma of obstetric fistula, she was moved to do more. She visited Fistula Foundation’s website and learned about our Love-A-Sister program. She was thrilled to find that a $450 donation would provide repair surgery for one woman, transforming her life forever. With two sisters of her own, Carolyn thought that making a donation through the Love-A-Sister program would have double meaning for her, as a way not only to honor her sisters Elizabeth and Nancy, but also to honor and care for her global sisters in need.

“As a mother, I understand the struggles of women, although [fistula patients’] struggles are so much more physical,” Carolyn said, adding, “I love these women’s courage, how they keep going…I know what it takes as a mother to keep going even when you think you can’t. I am so inspired and have such respect for them and know of no better way to honor them.”

Carolyn is a monthly contributor to the Foundation, but this year has already made her second Love-A-Sister donation on behalf of her two sisters, fully funding two women’s obstetric fistula repair surgeries. Carolyn: your generous gift of love and life is appreciated. It will live on in a woman’s smile, her care for her children and in her participation in her community.

This article originally appeared in Fistula Foundation’s Spring 2014 newsletter. Click here to view a PDF of the entire newsletter.

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