Supporter Spotlight: Kirsten Plate

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Sometimes discovering important causes comes from sources outside of an individual like a pamphlet or a commercial. Other times, the sources come from a personal place. Kirsten Plate’s path to Fistula Foundation was personal. A friend of hers once developed a fistula. Even with the best care imaginable in the United States, the experience was a dreadful one. Kirsten wanted to support her. Together, they decided to do something to help other women suffering from fistula by raising funds for Fistula Foundation.

Kirsten has been involved with fundraising for a number of years and has supported Fistula Foundation previously through such events. In fact, in August 2015, she organized and executed her most successful event to date at her home in celebration of her birthday. Complete with musical performances from a local band, food prepared and provided by a friend and other fun activities for over fifty guests, it was a hit. “My friends were fabulously supportive,” she shared. Kirsten’s event resulted in generating more than $5,000 for Fistula Foundation, which exceeded her goal.

“There’s an awful lot of generosity,” she said of the assistance from others who helped make her event a success adding, “I was just very lucky to receive some of that”.

Thanks to passionate supporters like Kirsten, the lives of even more women will be drastically changed for the better.

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