Refinery29 – Thinx Is Banking Big On Its Pee-Proof Line Of Undies


Refinery29 highlights, Thinx, the brand behind Icon Undies. Each purchase of Thinx’s pee-proof Icon Undies benefits Fistula Foundation, and contributes funds to obstetric fistula surgery. And while the idea of leakage may seem like something uncommon (or at least, not talked about), Thinx is hoping to combat any preconceived stereotypes by expanding the Icon Undies range and investing more in this line of products.

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Thinx Is Back With More Pee-Proof Undies

“When we launched Thinx, we heard from a ton of women asking whether they could wear them for bladder leaks instead,” Kejal MacDonald, Thinx’s VP of marketing and ‘VPee’ of ICON, told Refinery29. “As they shared their woes of wetness, we noticed a really wide range of reasons they were leaking.

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