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Raising Awareness Through Quilting

Mary Ann McCammon

Yamhill, OR

Mary Ann has always been interested in improving the lives of disadvantaged women. When she learned about obstetric fistula more than a decade ago, she was determined to find a way to help. She realized her talent for quilting might be a clever way to help educate others about this heartbreaking condition.

Her first quilt portrayed the back of women’s heads alongside text that read “Waiting,” to show they were waiting for surgical repair. When that quilt was sold, she sent the funds as her first donation to Fistula Foundation.

When she met Sherri Culver, another quilter who was also interested in raising awareness about fistula, she knew a partnership had been made. Together they developed a quilt titled “Only a Girl,” to which they will add panels that will help tell the full story of fistula, from a woman’s obstructed labor to her eventual surgical repair.

Mary Ann’s quilts hang on the walls of Fistula Foundation for all to see, and will be used to raise awareness about fistula at various educational events.