Priti Khanal

Priti Khanal

Everyone who knows Priti Khanal of Jersey City, NJ, knows that her birthday party is always going to be an impressive celebration. And that’s why everyone who knows Priti was intrigued when she told them what she wanted to do for her 27th birthday: give it up in support of Fistula Foundation.

Priti has been a supporter of Fistula Foundation for years. She first learned about obstetric fistula in high school, and the injury and the suffering it causes made a deep impression on her. Priti is a vocal advocate for women’s health and reproductive rights issues, and has done a great deal to educate others about obstetric fistula, including holding screenings of the documentary “A Walk to Beautiful” to raise awareness about fistula among her friends and family. But this year, she wanted to do more. So, she gave up her birthday.

She set out to raise $2,700 for her 27th birthday – a lofty goal that she came a long way toward meeting. Priti told friends and family about her idea one month ahead of her January 30 birthday, and asked them to contribute what they would have spent on the cost of a subway ticket and a birthday cocktail, had she thrown a birthday party instead. She actively campaigned on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and by the end of her two month drive, she had raised more than $1,600 for Fistula Foundation!

This story originally appeared in Fistula Foundation’s Summer 2013 newsletter. Click here to view the entire newsletter. 

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