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Partner Spotlight: Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Group of Fistula Patients

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) is our biggest partner in Tanzania and the largest indigenous provider of disability and rehabilitation services in the country. It is one of few facilities in Tanzania to provide comprehensive, high-quality fistula services on a permanent basis and accounts for approximately one-third of all fistula surgeries performed annually in the country. They have steadily increased their surgical capacity each year, going from 162 surgeries in 2009 to over 700 in 2013!

CCBRT recently expanded their fistula facilities with support from Fistula Foundation. In 2013, they also trained hundreds of community health workers, conducted 15 outreach missions to raise awareness about fistula in rural areas, and aired nearly 7,000 radio and 200 TV ads about fistula. Recently, CCBRT has received praise for its innovative use of mobile technology in reaching out to more fistula patients and facilitating their access to treatment.

We work with CCBRT through Kupona Foundation, who represents CCBRT in the United States.

This article originally appeared in Fistula Foundation’s Summer 2014 newsletter. Click here to view a PDF of the entire newsletter.

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