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Leave a Legacy of Healing

Recently, a growing number of our donors have worked directly with us to write Fistula Foundation into their will. And while some wonderful donors choose to make a charitable gift of a specific amount, others decide that Fistula Foundation will receive all or a percentage of what they own. If we are one of your favorite charities, we’d be grateful if you’d consider making us part of your will. Your Legacy Gift could be your largest gift ever to Fistula Foundation.

Fistula Foundation donor Gordon Marsh shares his personal perspective about making his Legacy Gift

“At the end of the day, what you can do for your fellow human being is more important than any other accomplishment,” – Gordon Marsh

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One woman: one surgery at a time.


You can help more women like this fistula patient. Here she is, moments before her surgery in Kenya. This woman was restored thanks to gifts like yours.

You’re helping a special institution that has grown so strong, in fact, that we’re now doing more fistula surgeries than any organization in the world. You believe as much as we do that restoring health and dignity are priceless gifts for the world’s poorest women who are largely forgotten and have no voice.

But there remains so much to do, because for every one woman we succeed in treating each year, there are 50 untreated women still waiting. Thank you for deciding to make such a special gift in the future for the women still waiting to be restored.

If you’ve made this incredibly special gift decision, won’t you please let us know?

Connect with Anne Ferguson, Deputy Director | (866) 756-3700 (toll free U.S.)