Leave a message for a woman at Kalukembe Hospital

This Mother’s Day, we’re sending our greetings to women who are waiting for or recovering from obstetric fistula treatment at Kalukembe Hospital, our partner in Angola. Join us and add your message below!

  • You are strong! You are beautiful! You can do this! Women everywhere are supporting you and sending you best wishes for your recovery. We are all sisters, even if we never meet. Hope you can feel my love from afar! – Andrea Richardson from United States
  • Wishing you health, love and peace from one Mom to another. – Robyn Murphy from United States
  • I wish you quick healing and send you love! – Melissa Krawczyk from USA
  • I hope you are feeling healthier after your surgery. Happy Mother’s Day. – Lucia Button from United States
  • I am grateful you are at Kalukembe Hospital to be cared for. You are Loved. Happy Mother’s Day. – Bev Bonita from USA
  • Happy Mother’s Day from Canada! May you have health and happiness. Blessings on you and yours 🙂 – Kyla Wong from Canada
  • A very special day for a most special person!!! – Mike Butkiewicz from USA
  • Best wishes for your new life !! – Joan burgins from United States
  • All my best wishes from one mother to another. May your future be healthy and happy and, above all, safe and filled with love. – Diane Thomas from Canada
  • I want to say that you are strong and beautiful even though you may not feel that way right now. I know things haven’t been easy but things are better now and I send lots of love. – Jessica Cranton from Canada
  • Wishing you love, strength and good health! I will be thinking about you as you recover and I hope that the future is full of hope. – Else from Canada
  • Sending bundles of wishes for sunshine, peace, and love. God bless you always. Believe in better tomorrows. Love, E – From California, The United States of America
  • You are not forgotten. I send love and hope and support in helping you overcome this. My heart breaks for you all and my hope is that you all re wife medical care and help. – Gaye Pietrocola from USA
  • Sending love and hope to you as you recover from birth. Be strong and know your own power. Namaste. -Hopeful Caterpillar postpartum doula from Canada
  • I am spreading the word getting donations ! My heart is with you. I will never stop trying. Happy Mother’s Day from one mom to another. Love is everything! I wish you a speedy recovery, comfort and healing. – Sophia Dalton from United States
  • You are an inspiration to every women on this earth. Happy Mother’s Day from Oakland, California! – Raeanne Turner from USA
  • Sending you warm wishes from Nova Scotia Canada for a smooth and speedy recovery.Peace be with you and hope that you have a Happy Mother’s Day.❤ – Amanda Smith from Canada
  • Dear Sister,
    You are beautiful; you are strong !
    You are loved by God and the family of God close by and far away .
    Never give up on your dreams or your faith .
    I bless you and your tomorrows in Jesus name .
    – Rev Heidi MCGinness from America
  • May you find peace and goodness this day. Even though we are a ocean away I think of you all as my sisters even though I don’t know you I love you already . Keep going forward and pushing through. Love your american sister and friend, Mikaela – Mikaela Moyher from United States
  • Sending you warmest wishes for a good recovery. I hope all of these messages bring you comfort. Happy Mother’s Day, beautiful and brave women! – Grace Manter from United States
  • Best wishes from Canada! God speed in your recovery and may you be blessed in every way. Happy Mothers Day!! – Mariette Jones from Canada
  • I wish for you strength, love, and a quick, comfortable recovery. I am so glad that the doctors are there to help. – Laurie Baker from USA
  • You are strong and beautiful! All my best wishes, sister, for a happy and healthy future full of love and healing ❤️ – Flora Fyfe-Graham from United Kingdom
  • I am so happy I found this on Facebook. I hope this finds you feeling much better, and hopefully at home with your family. God bless you and keep you safe in all ways. Happy Mothers Day to you. Rebecca Edwards from America
  • Best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery. Hope many wonderful things come your way! – Linda Andrews from USA
  • Blessings and peace to you. I hope you heal well, and are glad for the daily dryness, the ability to stay clean, to feel good. I hope nothing terrible like this happens to you again. I hope you will shelter your girls from pregnancy too young, and help others to come to get this surgery if they need it. May the Lord bless you with daily peace and happiness. – martina nicholson from United States
  • I hope your surgery changes your life for the better forever! Good luck and heal quickly! – Mary Braggin from USA
  • You are loved. Happy Mothers Day, each day of your life .❤️❤️ – Jayne Davis
  • It is may prayer that God protect and heal all those who are in this situation – Fr. Thomas Maritim from Kenya
  • I send you lots of love and healing. My mom, who is now 81, once visited a fistula hospital and told me of the urgent need that you brave women have. I admire your courage and endurance, and wish for you a future of health and happiness. – Sue from United States
  • We pray for your good health and wish you a happy Mothers Day – Rhonda Hitchcock from USA
  • I wish you a quick recovery and all the wonderful things life can bring! Be well, be safe, and be happy! – Allison Ludeman from United States
  • Sending lots of love and support! I hope you will heal quickly and that many good things will soon come your way. Lots of hugs!!! – Nora Koci from US
  • May God bless You! Hope you are feeling well.hbu – Wendy Kirk from Canada
  • God Bless You! You are in our Prayers. – Doug West from USA
  • Hello, I wish you well. – BelGin
  • Best wishes for a quick recovery from your surgery. May God bless you with peace, love and prosperity. – Julie
  • Feel better soon. Love from a woman who had surgery, too. – Leigh Ann
  • I hope this is a new beginning for you, and many good things come your way! I also hope you heal quickly! ♡Leandra – Leandra from United States
  • Thinking of you! – Drew from United States