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Life Changing Surgery for Refugees in Kenya

In this Girls’ Globe piece, Program Director Lindsey Pollaczek shares her experience meeting women suffering from fistula in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp. It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to live in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp. Located on the northeastern border of Kenya, the camp is home to more…

Fistula Foundation News

Highlights from #WHWWeek Twitter Chat

On April 4, 2016, Fistula Foundation participated in a Twitter chat hosted by Johnson & Johnson discussing #WHWWeek, celebrating health workers around the world and their contributions to the Global Goals. Scroll below to see an archive of the conversation! [View the story “#WHWWeek Twitter Chat ” on Storify]

One Woman's Story: Guinea

Your Donations at Work: Guinea

Our partner in Guinea, EngenderHealth, dealt with an unexpected challenge in the past year: the Ebola outbreak. As one of three West African countries hardest hit by the outbreak, Guinea reported more than 2,500 Ebola-related deaths. During the epidemic, the government required that all women arriving at the health facility in Conakry undergo a 21-day…

Fistula Foundation: South Sudan

Your Donations at Work: South Sudan

Amid ongoing challenges of instability, violence and very limited health infrastructure, partner organization Women and Health Alliance International (WAHA) provided surgery to 249 women in South Sudan over the last two years. Nearly half of these surgeries were complex cases, and expert surgeons worked with local fistula care teams to ensure that patients received high-quality…


The New York Times: The World’s Modern-Day Lepers: Women with Fistulas

In this article, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof writes about the suffering fistula brings to women worldwide, and how organizations and strategic initiatives can prioritize women’s rights to save more lives from this devastating condition. By Nicholas Kristof March 19, 2016 ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — ONE of the worst things that can happen to a…

women inspire

Highlights from #WomenInspire Twitter Chat

On February 17, Fistula Foundation participated in a Twitter chat hosted by Johnson & Johnson discussing #WomenInspire, spotlighting women making a difference in global health and change. Scroll below to see an archive of the conversation! [View the story “#WomenInspire Twitter Chat ” on Storify]

Patrick Force

Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: An Interview with Patrick Force

After speaking with a friend about the dream of a large-scale hike, Patrick decided to embark on an epic, near 1,900-mile trek for charity along one of the three major U.S. long-distance hiking trails: the Continental Divide. Running a total of 3,100 miles, the trail can be hazardous. But adventure called to Patrick, and before…

global goals

Highlights from #GlobalGoals Twitter Chat

On February 17, Fistula Foundation participated in a Twitter chat hosted by Johnson & Johnson discussing #GlobalGoals action for women and girls, and ways to invest in women to achieve sustainable development for communities. Scroll below to see an archive of the conversation! [View the story “#GlobalGoals for Women & Girls Health Twitter Chat” on…

kirsten plate_square

Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: Kirsten Plate

Sometimes discovering important causes comes from sources outside of an individual like a pamphlet or a commercial. Other times, the sources come from a personal place. Kirsten Plate’s path to Fistula Foundation was personal. A friend of hers once developed a fistula. Even with the best care imaginable in the United States, the experience was…

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Seek early medical care. Women suffering from obstetric fistula told

The Northern Regional Director of the Department of Gender, Mr I.P.S. Zakaria-Saa, has encouraged women suffering from obstetric fistula to seek early medical care since its treatment is free. He said fistula was one of the factors causing the breakdown of marriages in parts of the country, pointing out that women should not feel shy…

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Motley Fool “Foolanthropy” Campaign Aims for $100,000 Investment in Fistula

The Motley Fool helps the world invest better. Every year, their annual “Foolanthropy” campaign helps investors give better, too, by partnering with reputable, highly efficient organizations that help address some of the biggest human needs in the world. Fistula Foundation was honored to be selected as their 2015 charity. Throughout the month of December, employees…

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3D Bioprinting, Wearables, and More From CES

In a video interview with special guest David Kretzmann about his week at CES 2016, The Motley Fool discusses healthcare, technology and highlights from the Consumer Technology Association. Interviewer Kristine Harjes gives a special shout-out to Fistula Foundation and the Foolanthropy campaign: “One more thing before we wrap up, I just wanted to mention, The…

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The Ripple Effects of Directing Your Money for Good

By Alyce Lomax January 13, 2016 First off, we have some exciting news to share. Last week, The Motley Fool’s Foolanthropy campaign supporting this year’s partner, Fistula Foundation, met and exceeded our original goal of $75,000. (Visit the site here.) We’re tremendously thankful and touched by the outpouring of generosity for this cause. We’ve provided the…

Supporter Story - Wardah Inam

Supporter Spotlight
Supporter Spotlight: Wardah Inam

Many years ago, Wardah Inam learned about the condition of obstetric fistula while watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. At the time, she didn’t know what she could do to help the women suffering from the issue, but the show left such a lasting impression on her about the severity of fistula that…


Supporter Spotlight
20 Under 20: Local Students Make a Difference

Reporter Newspapers highlights 20 young students making a difference for a better community, and lists Sofia Broffman as an example of excellent service and support for maternal health and Fistula Foundation. “Sofia Broffman began raising funds in 2014 for the Fistula Foundation, after learning more about the long-term effects of obstetric fistula, a birth injury that afflicts…

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