Photography Exhibit by Veronica Gray

Supporter Spotlight
Photographer Builds Awareness Through New York City Exhibit

Fistula Foundation supporter and photographer Veronica Gray, of Laguna Beach, California, has long been committed to bringing awareness to the plight of women suffering from obstetric fistula, and frequently puts her skills as a photographer to use to shine a light on this and other issues facing women. Veronica’s photos from a recent trip to…

Ayana and Her Mother

Supporter Spotlight
5-year-old Turns a $25 Gift Into $900 in Matching Support

One of the Fistula Foundation’s youngest supporters is Ayana, a 5-year-old philanthropist-in-the-making who lives in western Canada. Ayana is adopted and wanted to do something to support women and girls living in her birth country of Ethiopia. Her mother, Lisa, is a Fistula Foundation supporter and activist who runs the Knit for Fistula – Blanket…

Fistula Foundation Supporter Spotlight

Supporter Spotlight
Kimberly Robinson

“I am proud to have supported the Fistula Foundation for the last eight years, and even more proud to announce that Fistula Foundation has been accepted into the Employee Matching Gifts prog ram at The Walt Disney Company Foundation! Disney employees worldwide can now have their donations matched, up to $15,000 per employee, per calendar…

Supporter Spotlight
Vince Gallagher

Vince Gallagher has shared Fistula Foundation’s work through lectures about the impacts of globalization since 2009, raising a significant amount of funds in the process. “It is devastating that women are still treated as property; that many suffer so much in childbirth and are then cast aside to live in isolation. When I realized one…

Your Donations at Work: Bangladesh

Your Donations at Work: Bangladesh

                          The Hope Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh  is the only organization providing fistula repair surgeries in southern Bangladesh. Fistula Foundation is proud to support their work to heal women. Please help us continue to support their work by making a…

Frankly Speaking - NTV Bangla

NTV Bangla’s “Frankly Speaking” Features CEO Kate Grant

                        Zahir Alam, host of NTV Bangla’s “Frankly Speaking” interviews Fistula Foundation CEO Kate Grant, founder of our partner site Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh, Dr. Iftikher Mahmood, and our current Medical Director, Dr. Steve Arrowsmith. The interview was recorded November…

Our Hero: Edna Adan

Meet Our Hero: Edna Adan

                          Edna Adan could have done anything when she retired, but she decided to cash in her life savings and build a hospital in Somaliland for women and children in the Horn of Africa. Watch her story and learn what she’s doing to…

Ayana's Piggybank

Ayana’s Piggybank

Ayana is 5. She could have spent the contents of her piggybank on anything, but she chose to give her $25 to Fistula Foundation, to be used for treating women with fistula in Ethiopia. Will you match Ayana’s $25 donation and help to heal even more “womens” suffering from obstetric fistula?

Fistula Foundation News

Training the Trainers: Standardizing Fistula Surgery Training Worldwide

The biggest single obstacle to increasing treatment for the number of women with fistula is the lack of appropriately trained fistula surgeons. That’s why Fistula Foundation partner FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics) created the first-ever Global Competency-Based Training Manual, a groundbreaking tool released last year that many believe will change the landscape of…

The Muslim Mother Teresa

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post. By Kate Grant CEO, Fistula Foundation I hope I live to see the day where a humanitarian hero is referred to as theChristian Edna Adan. Who’s Edna Adan? The short answer: she’s a nurse-midwife, founder of a hospital bearing her name, who’s saving and changing the lives…

CEO Kate Grant addresses Woodrow Wilson Center

CEO Kate Grant Speaks at the Woodrow Wilson Center

On September 27, 2012, Fistula Foundation CEO Kate Grant participated on a panel at The Wilson Center entitled “Programmatic and Policy Recommendations for Addressing Obstetric Fistula and Uterine Prolapse.” Watch her portion of the presentation in this video clip. Other panelists represented UNFPA and EngenderHealth. For the full panel presentation, click here.

Goni's Story

One Woman’s Story: Goni from Ethiopia

Goni lives in Ethiopia. Married at a young age, she became pregnant soon after. Her labor became obstructed and she lost the baby. The obstructed labor resulted in a fistula that left her incontinent; her husband left her soon after. At the age of 15 she underwent a successful fistula repair surgery at Gondar University…

Alexandra Lockett and Paul Hauser

Supporter Spotlight
A Generous Young Couple

Many young couples planning a wedding visit department stores and register for everything from china to toaster ovens. Alexandra Lockett and Paul Hauser had another idea. Rather than encourage their friends and family to buy gifts for them, this generous young couple asked their wedding guests to make donations to the Fistula Foundation. In July…

Dining For Women (DFW)

Supporter Spotlight
Dining for Women

When Dining for Women (DFW) learned of the work of the Fistula Foundation a few years ago, its members were excited to see that the Foundation’s aims resonate so deeply with DFW’s own mission. Dining for Women is a national non-profit organization based in Greenville, South Carolina. It empowers women globally who live in extreme…