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Thank you for playing Half the Sky Movement: The Game!

Lives of women with fistula will be transformed because you played.

Fistula Foundation works to end the suffering caused by obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury that occurs when a woman’s labor becomes obstructed and she does not have access to medical help. Without emergency intervention, such as a C-section, a woman often loses her baby and is left with obstetric fistula, which renders her incontinent and uncontrollably leaking wastes – an injury that can only be repaired through surgery.

With access to a $586 fistula repair surgery that Fistula Foundation works to provide, a woman’s life is transformed; she no longer has to suffer the shame and embarrassment caused by her incontinence and can resume living a healthy and productive life.

Since 2003, Johnson & Johnson has worked with Fistula Foundation to end the suffering caused by obstetric fistula. They have deployed funds, supplies and numerous other resources to transform the lives of women with fistula. We are grateful to Johnson & Johnson for their support and for their long-term commitment to women with fistula, and we are thrilled to continue this partnership through Half the Sky Movement: The Game.

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