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Jeopardy! Recap!


On Wednesday night, comedian Louis CK was featured in a Power Players edition of Jeopardy! to win $50,000 for the charity of his choice, Fistula Foundation. Fistula Foundation held a watch party in downtown San Jose at Billy Berk’s Restaurant, and invited local guests, friends, and family to attend the evening and cheer for Louis CK. It was an evening of trivia, food, and fun!

Team Communications, the awesome organizers of the watch party! Fistula Foundation Team Communications, testing out the photo booth before guests arrive.

Content from Jeopardy! Watch Party 5-18-16

Fistula Foundation held a watch party in downtown San Jose at Billy Berk’s Restaurant to cheer on comedian Louis CK as he played for charity and won $50,000 on a Power Players edition of Jeopardy!

During Louis’ appearance on Jeopardy! on the East Coast, a flood of new visitors visited our website, which briefly crashed.

Louis CK ended up winning the game, earning $50,000 for Fistula Foundation. With the announcement of his victory, Jeopardy! viewers and fans of Louis CK were excited to share their support and congratulations for his win!

The winning moment!

Soon after his Jeopardy! victory and TV appearance, numerous news outlets reported on Louis CK.’s winnings and his involvement with the Fistula Foundation.

Louis C.K. just won $50,000 for the Fistula Foundation on ‘Jeopardy!’. But what is it?

Louis C.K. dominated Jeopardy! Power Players , beating out CNN’s Kate Bolduan and The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. With all of those bragging rights and Celebrity Jeopardy! jokes comes $50,000 for a charity of choice. And Louis’s lucky recipient is the Fistula Foundation. Wait, what?

Watch Louis C.K. Win $50,000 For Charity on ‘Jeopardy’

Louis C.K. was the dark horse of “Power Players Week” on Jeopardy! beating CNN’s Kate Bolduan and the Jonathan Capehart. The comedian netted $50,000 for women’s health nonprofit the Fistula Foundation. The organization is dedicated to providing medical attention to women in poor countries who have been injured and left incontinent after childbirth.

Local Bay Area news station ABC7 visited Fistula Foundation’s office to interview CEO Kate Grant and local volunteer, Roland Jose.

Louis CK wins $50K on Jeopardy! for South Bay women’s health charity

Last night on Jeopardy!, a popular comedian helped shine the spotlight on a little-known women’s health issue and the group that is trying to fix it. Comedian Louis C.K. outsmarted the competition, winning $50,000 for charity. “I was starting to write fistula, that’s my charity,” C.K. said on Jeopardy!

On social media, Louis CK fans, Jeopardy! viewers, and Fistula Foundation supporters continued to share their support and excitement about his victory and his contributions to help women suffering from obstetric fistula in low resource countries.

Many supporters left a message of good luck Louis CK on the show, and you can read through them – or leave your own message of congratulations on this page!

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