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International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Help Fistula Survivors in “The Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman”

Violence and political instability continue to plague the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), effectively crippling its limited maternal healthcare infrastructure and abandoning women who are suffering with fistula. These grinding conditions prompted author and humanitarian Lisa Shannon to call it “the worst place on earth to be a woman.” This International Women’s Day, will you join us to help women in a truly desperate situation?

Our trusted partner, HEAL Africa, is ready to deploy their expert medical mobile team to reach DRC’s most isolated women. This tenacious team is prepared to help fistula survivors in neglected corners of their war-torn country—but they can’t do it without your support.In honor of International Women’s Day, a generous donor family will MATCH each gift up to $100,000-but only through the end of March.

HEAL Africa’s medical mobile team is ready to start work, but they need your support. Here’s what you can help provide:

Two rural fistula clinics, each providing 120 transformative fistula surgeries— for a total of 240 lives changed in 2019:

Expert doctors and nurses will make the treacherous journey from HEAL’s hospital in the eastern city of Goma to rural provinces in the heart of their turbulent nation. Each trip will help isolated women— who have virtually no other hope of ever being healed.


Educating local doctors about fistula:

While they are there, HEAL’s visiting medical team will provide training for local doctors and nurses in the signs and symptoms of fistula. Then, they can help refer patients to experts like HEAL Africa for surgery.


Fistula awareness for isolated communities:

HEAL’s visiting team will also educate local members of the community about fistula and how it can be prevented— through radio announcements, local churches, and other community groups.


Your donation can make a substantial difference.

  • $30 could cover pre-operative tests for three women
  • $100 could give comprehensive post-operative care to one woman
  • $250 could cover the cost of supplies for four fistula surgeries
  • $1,200 could provide generator power for an entire rural fistula clinic

All donations will be MATCHED until the end of March! If the goal is met before the end of the month, your gift will be sent to an alternate fistula project in the DRC. This International Women’s Day, can we count on your donation? Together, we can give a life-changing gift to many Congolese women suffering with obstetric fistula. You may never meet them, but your action today could change their future.