Huffington Post: ‘My Charity Is Fistula Foundation, Alex’

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CEO Kate Grant writes on Huffington Post about her trip to Washington D.C. to watch Louis C.K. play on Jeopardy!, and her experiences with meeting the comedian who contributed to Fistula Foundation.

“They taped the show last month in Washington, DC. As we headed to the airport to catch the last flight out of San Francisco I was thrilled that I’d finally get to meet Louis, since I’m a smitten fan, and be able to thank him personally for his previous big donations to the Foundation. ”

‘My Charity Is Fistula Foundation, Alex’

Those five words from Louis CK will change lives. Last night on Power Players Jeopardy Louis played for Fistula Foundation and crushed it, winning $50,000, money that can help nearly 100 poor women in Africa and Asia injured in childbirth get life-transforming surgery. They taped the show last month in Washington, DC.

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