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Hoboken, NJ: Student works to “Improve a Life”

Natalie P.

This summer, we received a letter and generous contribution from Natalie P., at the time an 8th grader at Elysian Charter School in Hoboken, NJ. She had selected Fistula Foundation as the focus of her “Improve a Life” project for her Humanities class, a project through which students raise funds and awareness for a cause that will improve an individual’s life.

To raise awareness among her peers, Natalie made a school announcement in front of the entire student body, then went to every K-8 classroom to talk to students about the struggles girls and women with fistula go through, and explained how they could help.

She then held two fundraisers. The first was a Crazy Hat Day, where all students were invited to wear a crazy hat and bring one dollar to support her cause. She also held a Pie Throw, bravely inviting her peers to pay $1 each in order to throw a whipped cream “pie” in her face! But that’s not all: Natalie also donated all of the money that she was gifted for Christmas.

When sending in her final donation, Natalie wrote, “I think it is important to know that there are women in the world suffering from fistula. That is why I will keep spreading awareness and encouraging others to reach out to these women. Thank you for giving me a chance to help someone else.”

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