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Fistula in Her Words

Girls' Globe

In celebration of International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, our partner Kupona Foundation shares on Girls’ Globe some reflections on an important question: how do we talk about fistula without imposing our own narrative and excluding women from their own stories?

“Women with fistula have suffered so much, so deeply. Many have been voiceless for too long, hiding their injury in shame. The very least we can do is choose our words carefully when it comes to discussing their condition or sharing their story, to be as respectful as we possibly can.” ~ Kate Grant, CEO, Fistula Foundation

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Fistula in Her Words

As storytellers mobilizing support through narratives, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to do so without jeopardizing the privacy or dignity of the people we serve. Today marks International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, and we’ve been reflecting on an important question: How do we, as fundraisers, clinicians and global health advocates, talk about fistula…

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