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Fistula Foundation Supporter Louis CK to Appear in ‘JEOPARDY!’ Power Players Week on May 18


Press Release – San Jose, CA, May 11 – Fistula Foundation could win a $50,000 prize from JEOPARDY! when Emmy Award winning writer, comedian and actor Louis CK competes during Power Players Week. His game is scheduled to air on Wednesday, May 18.

Based in Silicon Valley, Fistula Foundation funds treatment of obstetric fistula, a childbirth injury prevalent throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia that renders women incontinent and too often social outcasts. One million women suffer from this devastating injury worldwide. The only cure is surgery, which costs $586 on average and can often be completed in under an hour. Fistula Foundation is the largest supporter of obstetric fistula surgery globally, currently funding treatment in more than 20 countries.

Fistula Foundation CEO Kate Grant comments:

“Louis CK’s brilliance as a writer and performer – giving us the gifts of laughter, insight and joy – is matched by his capacious and empathetic heart. We are honored and thrilled that Louis CK has chosen Fistula Foundation to be ‘his’ charity.

The selflessness and generosity of people like Louis CK are changing the future for women with fistula. Louis CK has been an unlikely partner and a powerful champion of our work, and more women’s lives have been forever changed for the better because of him.”

Fistula Foundation Supporter Louis CK to Appear in ‘JEOPARDY!’ Power Players Week on May 18 | My Social Good News

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