Fistula Foundation in The Huffington Post

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In the midst of Royal Baby mania, a Huffington Post journalist mentions Fistula Foundation when encouraging readers to help moms in need in the developing world:

Amid Royal Baby Hoopla, Moms Worldwide Deal With These 5 Devastating Maternal Health Issues (WHAT YOU CAN DO)

By Eleanor Goldberg

Because the media did all but install a Flipcam in Kate Middleton’s uterus, the world has now become full-on experts in a whole host of pregnancy-related issues. For example, we all now know that royal babies can take their time coming into the world, hyperemesis gravidarum can cause extreme vomiting and even a duchess can still have a swollen belly within 24 hours of giving birth.

But while we still have planet Earth captivated by all things childbearing, let’s move our eyes away from Kensington Palace for a moment, and spend some time focusing on a few of the more disadvantaged parts of the world, the places where struggling mothers are fighting to stay alive and to keep their children healthy and where we can actually each make a difference.

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