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To the Finish Line, for Fistula!

What is more heroic than a surgeon dedicating their life and career to healing women suffering with obstetric fistula? A surgeon who also runs full length marathons! Our trusted partner from Pakistan, Dr. Shershah Syed, has been running marathons for decades. This year on November 3rd, he ran Istanbul Marathon to raise awareness and funds for fistula patients.


“I always run marathons for a cause,” Dr. Shershah said. “For the last 30 years, I have been working for fistula patients, and [through this marathon] I can raise awareness.” He continued, exclaiming: “This condition is treatable! The [women] only need help from people who can finance their surgeries—these women who have no home and no hope.” — Dr. Shershah Syed


It’s not too late to support Dr. Shershah’s vital work! Make a donation below, and support his heroic work helping women in Pakistan: