Employer Match

Let your company increase your impact! Many companies have matching gift programs. When you make a charitable donation, your company does the same. Both donations help heal women in need of treatment for obstetric fistula.
1. How does this work?
Make your donation and hang on to your receipt. Many companies will match donations for up to a year after the original gift was made.

2. Not sure if your company has a matching gift program?
Search for your company using the search bar to the right. →
Didn’t find what you were looking for? Your company might still have a matching gift program, contact your HR department for more information.

3. Submit a matching gift request.Download your company’s matching gift form from the link provided in your search results. Print it, complete the necessary information, and mail it to us:

Fistula Foundation
1922 The Alameda, #302
San Jose, CA 95126

Or, if your company provides a link to an online portal in the search results, use the link provided to log in and complete a match request.

4. Questions?
E-mail us at office@fistulafoundation.org.