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Donation FAQ

Please download our printable donation form and send it along with your check or money order(made out to “Fistula Foundation”) to:
The Fistula Foundation
1922 The Alameda, Suite 302
San Jose, CA 95126

Fistula Foundation welcomes donations from all over the world. You can mail your check to us at the address above or donate online. It is cost-effective for us if you send your payment in U.S. dollars, but we can accept virtually any currency. However, please note that donations to Fistula Foundation are tax-deductible only within the USA.

Donations to Fistula Foundation help fund fistula surgery, training of surgeons, building of hospitals and operating rooms dedicated to fistula surgery, “mobile” care clinics where no hospitals exist in rural regions of the world, empowering doctors in developing countries and providing outreach and education to let women know where they can get treatment.
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Fistula Foundation’s goal is to provide life-changing surgery for women suffering from the childbirth injury obstetric fistula in low-income countries throughout Africa and Southeast Asia. We have chosen to focus on the delivery of free surgery to these women, rather than incurring the administrative costs of tracking and following individuals over an extended period of time. To receive treatment, women and their families travel great distances to visit the hospital sites and care centers we help in the form of grant support. Our grant monitoring and evaluation program goes to great lengths to check on the progress of patients following their surgery. The doctors and hospital staff at our grantee sites provide to us regular performance reports. And it is through these reports from them that we are able to capture the photos and stories of how your donations have made a difference. We share these stories in as many ways as possible so that you can feel connected to the young girls and women whose lives have been transformed because you care.

Individuals interested in donating their time or skills to forwarding the mission of Fistula Foundation are encouraged to join our Circle of Friends program. Involve friends and family to help increase awareness of fistula and raise money to treat and prevent fistula.

Our medical supply needs are met either through donations from large medical supply companies or purchases made with donated funds. We are proud of our partnerships with Johnson & Johnson and Direct Relief in the provision of medical supplies.