Why Do We Work in Zambia?

Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. The country’s health indicators are bleak – poverty is rampant, the fertility and maternal mortality rates are high, and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is among the highest in the world. The country’s economic growth is not enough to support the infrastructure and services needed to combat these devastating issues. Women in rural areas are particularly affected, as most give birth at home with no skilled attendance and limited access to emergency obstetric care. These factors all contribute to a high risk of obstetric fistula.

What You Help Us Do In Zambia

We’re helping fund:

  • Fistula surgeries
  • Surgeon training
  • Community outreach


Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ), Monze
Kabwe General Hospital, Kabwe
St. Francis Mission Hospital, Katete

How much funding have we granted?

CIDRZ Foundation

$136,350 in FY2012

St. Francis Mission Hospital

$32,816 in FY2016
$25,274 in FY2015
$17,472 in FY2014
$18,649 in FY2013

Family Life Office, Mpika Diocese

$9,126 in FY2015

Kabwe General Hospital

$10,000 in FY2016

Who is our partner?

We provide grant support directly to these organizations.

How will this help women in Zambia?

Our 2-year project with CIDRZ supported ongoing fistula repair services at Monze Mission Hospital as well as mobile fistula repair clinics at four rural sites throughout the country. A total of 207 women received life-changing surgery as the result of this project, and significant patient education and community outreach were carried out. In addition, local medical personnel were trained in surgery and pre- and post-operative care in an effort to strengthen the sustainability of fistula services in Zambia.

Until recently, there were no routine fistula services available in eastern Zambia. Fistula Foundation provides funding to St. Francis Mission Hospital in order to change that and ensure women there have access to the care they need. To that end, medical staff from the hospital receive training on an ongoing basis and the overall capacity of the hospital to treat fistula has been increased. During the hospital’s most recent fistula repair clinic, 21 women received free treatment. In 2016, several community sensitization meetings were conducted, with radio announcements played on 3 stations over the course of 18 days.

Kabwe General Hospital is in central Zambia, north of the capital of Lusaka. A large district hospital, it has all the services necessary to support excellent fistula care, including 25 beds dedicated to fistula patients. Fistula Foundation provides funding for treatment as well as community outreach, training for health workers, and transportation for clients who can’t afford to travel to and from the hospital. Over the next year, the hospital aims to reach at least 50 patients with fistula.


Where is Zambia?


Facts About Zambia

  • Population:15,510,711
  • Average births per woman:5.67
  • Physicians per 10,000 people:7.8
  • Births attended by skilled personnel:64.2%
  • Lifetime risk of maternal death:1 in 79(chances a woman will die during childbirth)
  • Female life expectancy:54 years
  • Female literacy:56%
  • Population living in rural areas:64%
  • Population living in poverty:60.5%(less than $1.25/day)
  • Surgeries completed through Fistula Foundation funding to date:297

Sources: CIA World Fact Book; WHO, World Bank.

We’re Making a Difference in Zambia

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Beauty developed a fistula five years ago after a very complicated delivery. She told doctors at St. Francis Mission Hospital that she prayed every day for a miracle, never knowing that her leaking was actually caused by a medical condition for which free treatment was available.
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