Costa Rica: 8th Graders Commit to Treating Fistula

Lincoln School in Costa Rica

Over the last two years, students in the 8th grade class at Lincoln School in Costa Rica have raised nearly $10,000 toward Fistula Foundation’s efforts to treat women who are suffering from obstetric fistula.

Inspired by a teacher who has a passion for current affairs, the students have been committed to helping heal women with obstetric fistula through fundraising activities that involved bake sales, screenings of “A Walk to Beautiful,” and by holding jeans days – a popular activity at this school where uniforms are otherwise required.

Upon sending the class donation, the supervising teacher wrote to tell us, “One of my students put it best when he said ‘these women are amongst the most courageous and brave in the world. It is truly the poor and destitute who are strong. They are my heroes.'”

This article originally appeared in Fistula Foundation’s Fall 2013 newsletter. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

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