CEO Goes Back to School

Thanks to the generosity of two long-term Fistula Foundation supporters, Lars and Veronica Bane, CEO Kate Grant participated in a weeklong program at Harvard Business School (HBS) designed for nonprofit leaders, called Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management. The course was started over twenty years ago, and is led by Harvard faculty members Herman Leonard and V. Kasturi Rangan, co-chairs of the school’s Social Enterprise Initiative. Its mission is to apply innovative business practices and managerial discipline to drive high-impact social change. The course Kate participated in drew more than 150 nonprofit CEOs and Executive Directors from across the US and around the world. It was taught by case method, so that participants could confront real world situations and programs.
“The week was one of the most constructive experiences in my professional life—intense and invaluable.” Kate told her team. “I am grateful to Lars and Veronica for sponsoring my participation, to the inspiring program leaders at HBS, and to my fellow participants who provided me with a truly extraordinary learning experience, whose lessons  I’m already applying to leading the Foundation.”

Thank you Lars and Veronica Bane for your sponsorship!

This story originally appeared in the Fall 2017 edition of our newsletter, Transformations.

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