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CCBRT Accredited by FIGO as Official Training Site

CCBRT FIGO Accreditation

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) is the largest indigenous provider of disability and rehabilitation services in the country and the Foundation’s biggest partner in Tanzania. Thanks in part to CCBRT’s partnership with Fistula Foundation, they are now able to perform over 700 fistula surgeries a year! CCBRT recently received accreditation as an official FIGO training site. This article from their blog is reposted with permission from CCBRT & Kupona Foundation, CCBRT’s representative organization in the U.S.

26 June 2014: CCBRT received official accreditation from FIGO to become an international training centre for fistula surgeons. CCBRT has three surgeons who have honed their skills in fistula repair at CCBRT Disability Hospital and are now able to train and inspire the future generation of fistula surgeons.

CCBRT is excited to embark upon this new partnership with FIGO as we contribute to the international landscape of fistula surgery and work to make this debilitating condition a thing of the past. By providing training for surgeons we will be able to improve the quality of care being provided to women with fistula, and increase the number of women whose lives are
changed each year.

This is another fantastic milestone in our journey to eradicate fistula in Tanzania. We have grown over the last seven years to become one of the largest providers of quality fistula repair in the world, and now we are taking the next step to pass on our experiences and share our knowledge.

We were delighted to share this special occasion with our friends from the Fistula Foundation, a long standing supporter of our program, and great advocate for the rights and dignity of women living with fistula.

This article originally appeared in our Fall 2014 Newsletter. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

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