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Mother’s Day Video: Sarah’s Story [3:45]

This Mother’s Day is a special one for Sarah. Sarah Omega, our communications officer in Eldoret, Kenya, is a fistula survivor and maternal health advocate. Raped at the age of 19, she endured a lengthy obstructed labor and gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. She also developed a fistula. Thinking treatment was impossible, she lived…

Gifts That Heal Model Video

Meet Our 2015 “Model” Supporters

In October 2015, several supporters near our San Jose office volunteered to come in for our first-ever Gifts That Heal photo shoot. They helped us build a terrific catalog of images that we hope will help demostrate how our gift items look and feel on real people! Check out the catalog here. In this video, we take…

In Dr. Mabeya's Words: How Gynocare Hospital Will Help More Women - Video

In Dr. Mabeya’s Words: How Gynocare Hospital Will Help More Women

Fistula Foundation is committed to building Dr. Mabeya’s new hospital, but we need your help. Your donation today will help us reach our overall goal of raising $635,000 to fully fund construction costs. If you donate by September 30, our generous anonymous donor will match your donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $250,000.

Gynocare Construction - Women Do More Than Half the Work

Women Do More Than Half the Work

Women are playing a critical role in the construction of the new Gynocare Fistula Hospital & Maternity Centre in Kenya. In this one minute video, Dr. Mabeya discusses why. You can help us fund the full construction of this hospital. Donate before September 30 and your gift will be matched, up to $250,000, by our…

Dr. Mabeya Video

A Solution in Kenya

In Kenya, one surgeon has committed his life to treating women who suffer from obstetric fistula. He has provided life-changing fistula surgery to 1,500 women over the last four years in a facility he created out of a run-down home he rented that, at one point, also served as a car wash. But with skyrocketing rent…

Supporter Spotlight
Lauren Jelks Counted Her Pennies

Lauren first learned about obstetric fistula from her older brother. “I realized that this is a really important issue that people aren’t really aware of. and not only are they not aware of it, but it’s so easy to fix.” A senior at Castro Valley High School, Lauren founded the 50/50 Feminist Club, which met…

The Face of HOPE

Meet Dr. Iftikher Mahmood, founder of the HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh. We have proudly funded his work since 2010; his hospital is the only facility in southern Bangladesh providing fistula treatment. Watch our interview with him to learn more about our partnership and his life-changing work.

Faith’s Story

When Faith developed fistula at age 12, her mother left. But her father stayed. Watch this inspiring story of a father’s love and of a brave young woman whose life was transformed, thanks to free surgery via our Action on Fistula program in Kenya. Action on Fistula is a program led by Fistula Foundation, with…

Partner Spotlight: HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh

HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh was founded by Dr. Iftikher Mahmood, and has established a hospital in the town of Cox’s Bazar as well as eight regional health centers. Since partnering with HOPE Foundation in 2010, there has been much progress in the treatment of fistula in Bangladesh. Watch this video to…

Celebrating One Year of Action on Fistula

In just one year of the Action on Fistula program, 416 women received free surgery that will change their lives forever. We are grateful to our partners Astellas Pharma EMEA for funding this program and making these first year successes possible.

Inspired by Mom

When Sofia learned about the problem of obstetric fistula and its devastating impact on the lives of women and girls, she was moved to act. Watch this video to learn how her mother inspired her, and see what she did to help!

Our Partner: Uganda Village Project

Uganda Village Project (UVP) works with marginalized populations in Iganga on issues related to health and sustainable development. One of their main projects is a ‘Fistula Ambassador’ program that was launched in 2014. Through this program, fistula survivors are identified and trained to become ambassadors in their communities – they raise awareness and identify and…

One Woman’s Story: Loy

Loy is the Fistula Coordinator at Uganda Village Project, one of our partner organizations based in Iganga, Uganda. She is also a fistula survivor. This is her story.