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Field Notes – Zambia: A Journey I’ll Never Forget

I can’t believe my three weeks in Zambia have come and gone. I’m writing this post from Chicago, waiting to return to my hometown of Tulsa and replaying everything in my mind. It’s bringing up a cadre of emotions. First, anger. It’s 2018 and this ailment shouldn’t be affecting anyone, let along the numbers it…

Field Notes – Zambia: When Field Work Goes Awry

Field work can be exhilarating, exhausting and exciting. It can also be fraught with issues. During our recent outing from Nchelenge to Lambwe Chomba for a community gathering, we started off at 7:30 a.m. and planned for it to take four hours of travel time. The first hour I did fine, but by hour two…

Field Notes: In Zambia, Meeting Some of the Bravest Women I’ve Ever Met

By Kristi Eaton, Fistula Foundation Writer in Residence I’ve long been passionate about covering the issues facing women and girls. As a journalist and communications specialist, I’ve written about menstrual hygiene and child marriage in India, birth registration in Indonesia and women in prison in the U.S. So when the opportunity came up to document…