Andy Dutcher


In 2003, Andy Dutcher read a column by Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times about a woman who had been raped, lost the baby, developed fistula and was subsequently abandoned and left to fight her way toward eventual treatment. He couldn’t stop thinking about her story.

He took the article to his church giving circle, which met weekly to discuss charities to which they would make pooled charitable donations. He had already decided to act, having signed up for Fistula Foundation’s Love A Sister program, through which he generously covered the cost of one woman’s free, safe fistula surgery each month. He invited the giving circle to join him.

“They were all moved by the story and everyone wanted to help. What a life-changing operation this is for a woman. You know you’re making a big difference,” Andy said.

When his church giving circle disbanded a few years later, Andy didn’t want this support for fistula patients to end. So, for nearly a decade, he has continued to support not one but two life-changing surgeries, every single month. “There are a lot of women who are still waiting for help. I’m planning to keep doing my part for as long as I’m able.”