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Action on Fistula Surpasses Goals


Through a groundbreaking initiative in Kenya, more women have received life-changing treatment than we dreamed possible.

On May 23, 2014, Fistula Foundation formally partnered with Astellas Pharma EMEA to launch Action on Fistula, a $2 million, three-year initiative designed to treat 1,200 women in Kenya suffering from obstetric fistula. To accomplish this, Fistula Foundation would develop the first-ever Fistula Treatment Network, a group of partners whose treatment facilities would agree to work together to share information, expertise, and resources. A significant investment would also be made in community outreach initiatives, designed to reach patients in even the most remote areas with messages about fistula and how treatment can be accessed. Finally, the network would be fortified by training opportunities for surgeons based in Kenya, to increase the number of skilled local fistula surgeons.

Now in its third year, Action on Fistula has progressed at an impressive pace, delivering results far ahead of schedule. As of September 2016:


We are proud that our partnership has resulted in so many achievements, so far ahead of schedule, and we remain grateful to staff and leadership at Astellas who have enabled this life-changing work.

Action on Fistula is a program led by Fistula Foundation and funded by Astellas Pharma EMEA.

This story originally appeared in the Fall 2016 edition of our newsletter, Transformations.

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