We are dedicated to raising awareness of and funding for fistula. This is how we help...

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About Us

  • We are dedicated to ending the suffering caused by the childbirth injury of obstetric fistula. We believe that no woman should have to suffer a life of shame and isolation for trying to bring a child into the world.
  • Fistula Foundation will adhere to the highest standards for solicitation, granting, and accountability of its funds.

Our Story

Fistula Foundation was founded in 2000 as an all volunteer organization to support the pioneering Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Our success between 2004 and 2008 enabled us to dramatically expand our mission to fight fistula globally. As a result of this rapid expansion, we have now supported fistula treatment in 31 countries at sites on two continents, Africa and Asia. We fund more obstetric fistula surgeries globally than any other organization in the world that is not taking government funding.

Our Team at the Foundation

Fistula Foundation is governed by a small Board of Directors comprised of volunteers. We have a lean staff, comprised of full and part time employees and several dedicated volunteers. With this small staff we manage partner relationships in many countries serving thousands of women.

We keep our staff small deliberately. We are very efficient. We can make decisions quickly and operate with minimal overhead. We strive to keep our costs of doing business low. Less money spent on staff means more money goes to help women waiting for fistula treatment.

Meet Our Staff