Fistula Foundation believes no woman should endure a life of misery and isolation simply for trying to bring a child into this world. That’s why we’re dedicated to ending the suffering caused by obstetric fistula, a childbirth injury caused by prolonged, unrelieved obstructed labor that renders a woman incontinent – an injury that can only be treated through surgery.

What We Do

Obstetric fistula devastates the lives of too many of the poorest women in the poorest countries in the world. We work closely with dedicated and proven local partners to provide high quality life-transforming care to as many women as possible.

How Fistula Works

Where We Work

Since adopting a global mission in 2009, we have supported treatment in more than 20 countries throughout Africa and Asia.
We are the largest private charitable foundation supporting fistula treatment globally.
Support from our generous donors allows women living in places like Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh
to receive free, high quality fistula repair surgeries that can change their lives forever.

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Our Progress

We do one thing, and we do it well: treat obstetric fistula.

We work closely with carefully selected partners to fund fistula treatment,
surgeon and provider training, and upgrades to facilities and equipment.

$26 Million Invested Since 2009

We achieve more, dollar for dollar, than any charity you’ll find

For us, thrift is a core value. We keep our overhead low because money saved can be put toward life-transforming surgeries for women. But don’t just take our word for it.
Take a look at our ratings from every industry watchdog group.

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