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Fistula Foundation was featured in a HiviSasa article about Action on Fistula treatment services becoming available at Kisumu District Hospital. Action on Fistula is a three year partnership between Fistula Foundation and Astellas Pharma Europe, Ltd. to transform the landscape of fistula treatment in Kenya.

Kisumu Hospital Opens Fistula Theatre

Kisumu District Hospital will soon start carrying out operations for fistula patients after an NGO launched a new Fistula theater complete with necessary equipment and surgical supplies.

The launch was sponsored by Action on Fistula, in partnership with Astellas Pharma and Fistula Foundation.

The foundation has entered into a partnership with the County government of Kisumu to not only provide the surgical equipment needed for fistula repair, but also ensure that the service is offered free to women in need of fistula repair.

Speaking at the launch, the director of Fistula foundation, Lindsey Pollaczek said that her foundation will also provide education to medical staff on how to handle fistula patients.

The medical Superintendent of the hospital Amos Otedo pointed out that there are hundreds of women who suffer from fistula, and that it is a condition that can only be corrected by surgery.

Kisumu County deputy Governor, Ruth Odinga thanked the Action on Fistula organisation for their commendable job and added that she will from thereon strive to create awareness on fistula.

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